Oops, i did it again…

I take very few things for granted, but my back will no longer be one of those things.

Dec 22nd I was ambulanced from the shop when a felt pain across my lower back and numbness from the hips down. I couldn’t walk and I was down for the count. Long story short, it’s a herniated disk. A lifetime of abuse hauling furniture, lumber and anything else I tended to do.

I’m told to just stop all that cold turkey for 6 weeks. “Here’s the thing…” I say to my PT. “I own a small business.” So now I’m stuck between a rock and life. Bills are due, there are work orders to be filled and I’m IT for mainline production.

I do what I can but it’s amazing what you need your back for. Can’t upholster, climb ladders, stand too long, sit too long or get cold. I just need to wait.

I can’t think of a time where I haven’t strived to be independent. I’m a total DIY’er and happy to learn new skills. So it not only is a learning curve trying to figure out how to move again but now I need to learn how to ask and accept help.

I’ll be fine, this is not major in comparison to others but for me this changes how I play out my life game.

I’ve got to learn this “R&R” thing.

Laid out with nothing to do but play with Lego.

Laid out with nothing to do but play with Lego.