Observations of a Foreigner

I had no idea what I'd find at a furniture expo in HCMC, Vietnam. 

  Language was not always the same as mine, the food was unidentifiable but delicious and the heat was oppressive and damp but the furniture was wonderful!

  I'm always thirsty for learning something new in the furniture world and I got it in spades. I saw beautiful designs in concrete seating, wicker designs that were an art form and the pottery that left me regretful that I couldn't order a full 40' container of it.

  Sadly, I couldn't take many photos at the venue since they jealously guard their designs at that level, so I madly scribbled out quick sketches. Unfortunately I spilled my beer on my paper later on in my trip so my artistic impression was all for not.    

  On a side note, my experience in Ho Chi Minh City was nothing short of spectacular. I was enthralled by everything from the noise, the food, the social culture, the markets and shopping. I can't wait to go back!


Laura Moore