porch blinds

turn your screened room into a 3 season room

Tired of having your porch seating soaked or blowing away? Need an extra space for company? Can't enclose your boat house with traditional windows? Our custom manufactured porch blinds can check all those boxes. 

Our porch blinds are made using Sunbrella fabrics and UV rated marine grade window vinyl and fasteners and are custom made every time. Our experienced sales staff come to visit to measure and find out from you how they need to function for your needs.

Blinds are made to spec within our in-house workroom then installed by the same crew to ensure proper operation and fit.

care and maintenance


We recommend Kleer to Sea to clean the window and 303 Fabric Cleaner for the Sunbrella.

 Note: DO NOT use any cleaner with a silicone ingredient ie: Pledge


All fasteners should be using a silicone free lubricant once a year to prevent binding.

Blinds used in -15 or colder must be in one position only to prevent cracking. You can keep them down to protect your porch from snow drifts but you just can't roll them until it warms up.

Keep window vinyl away from heat sources like room heaters or barbecues. If your vinyl does become damaged, it is possible to replace just the damaged panel.

general considerations

  • Exterior mounts need accessibility to operate the blind. In other words, can you reach the top if you are outside?

  • Is your screened room exposed or sheltered? Knowing this determines the type and quantity of fasteners.

  • For blinds to butt together, we need a min. of an inch and a half for snaps, and a min. of three inches for twist grommets.

  • Do you want privacy or a view? or both? The porch blinds are completely custom manufactured.

  • Corners can get tricky. Sometimes modifications to the frame work of your room need to be applied.

  • This product is not a sealed unit. It is not designed to keep your porch 100% dry. It is however meant to hold most of the elements at bay so you may utilize your space as a comfortable extended living space while protecting your furnishings.

  • We are with you through the whole process from measuring to installation. Let us sweat the small stuff!