Cash & Carry Program

Bring in your Window measurements (using the printable worksheet below or visiting us in our showroom) and let our team help you get the right product for your window needs. Still want us to come measure and install? We are available for you with a booked appointment.

We will place your order, and within approx. 2 weeks, you can pick up your blinds and install them yourself and save

Cash & Carry Window Coverings

Save even further on your window coverings by measuring and installing them yourself. No need to worry though, you are never on your own. Our blind experts are just a call or a visit away.

blind samples available in our showroom.

Looking online is convenient but seeing the samples in person is so much better. Our showroom not only has the blind displays, but all the sample books as well.  Borrow what you need to match up colours and order your blinds with confidence!

Graber faux wood blinds

c&c quote request form

Print this worksheet

So many options, we are here to help.

Cash & Carry offers you two options to receive your window treatments.

1) Pick up at the store

2) Fed Ex to your door (within delivery routes)

It's never too late to change your DIY plan. You might feel more comfortable to have us install your window coverings instead of the first plan to install them yourself.